41 Educational Activities to Prevent Summer Boredom (+ Free Downloads!)

May 13, 2016

Summer vacation is right around the corner. Time for some fun in the sun! While your kids are on summer break, keep them busy with these fun and educational activities to prevent summer boredom! Activities are suitable for kindergarten through second grade.
  1. Slice a pool noodle into different shapes and use toothpicks to make a pool noodle structure! 
  2. Make your own bubble solution and experiment with different types of wands
  3. Read, The Paper Crane by Molly Bang and learn how to make an origami crane at
  4. Plant some flowers and tend to them
  5. Lay out an old sheet on the grass and paint a masterpiece on it
  6. Rip some colorful construction paper into pieces and use them to make a collage
  7. Build a fort with chairs and blankets
  8. Paint some rocks and turn them into pets
  9. Read a book and draw your favorite part
  10. Sort coins and trade pennies for nickels
  11. Draw a chalk number line outside and practice counting by hopping on the numbers. Try hopping by 2's and 5's!
  12. Have an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt. Be creative. Try to find things that resemble shapes, colors, etc.
  13. Find items in your house that rhyme
  14. Try to come up with summer words that begin with each letter of the word SUMMER! Download the free worksheet here!
  15. Go on a buggy scavenger hunt and try to find as many different types as you can! Download the free worksheet here!
  16. Fill a cup with water and mark the water line. Check back every hour and record your findings. Download the free worksheet here! 
  17. Try stacking and balancing rocks
  18. Investigate your yard with a magnifying glass
  19. Go on a listening walk and mark down all the different sounds you hear
  20. Remove some Crayons from their wrappers and lay them out on a canvas in the hot sun to make an art piece
  21. Place an egg in vinegar over night and watch what happens! 
  22. Go on a book hunt and try to find sight words! Download the free worksheets here!
  23. Become a real life park ranger! Do activities, earn rewards and more at https://www.nps.gov/webrangers/entry_gate.cfm
  24. Trace your hands on some red and yellow construction paper. Cut them out and glue them on another piece of paper. Add some sticks to the bottom (by the wrists) to make a hand-print campfire scene!
  25. Paint each other with washable tempura paint and rinse off in the sprinklers!
  26. Put some glow sticks in full water bottles and play glow in the dark bowling at night
  27. On a super hot day, try frying an egg on the sidewalk
  28. Dig for fossils in your backyard
  29. Make some puppets and have a puppet show
  30. Play drip, drip, splash outside. Think duck, duck, goose but with a cup of water!
  31. Host a paint night with your family. Paint a picture and lead your family step-by-step as they paint with you!
  32. Read a book with a summer theme - download a summer theme booklist here!
  33. Mix lemon juice and baking soda in an empty plastic water or soda bottle. Put a balloon over the opening and watch what happens! 
  34. Add food coloring to bubbles and blow colored bubbles!
  35. Read your favorite book and create your own ending
  36. Make a poster showing 5 water safety rules
  37. Learn to say, "Summer" in a different language
  38. Clean up old pennies - place them in a bowl with vinegar and salt and watch what happens. Count how many pennies you cleaned when you're done.
  39. Name a food item for every letter of the alphabet
  40. Join your local library's summer reading program
  41. Keep track of all the fun things you did this summer in this downloadable summer diary!


✔︎ One dated page for every day of June and July!
✔︎ This list of 41 activities to beat summer boredom!
✔︎ A space for kids to draw a picture of a fun activity they did each day!
✔︎ A space to write about the fun activity they did each day!

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