Fabulous End of Year and Summer Themed Resources - Created by Teachers, for Teachers!

May 20, 2016

There are some fabulous end of year and summer themed resources floating around - I've seen 'em! They're great! To celebrate the upcoming vacation, I figured why not help each other out? With that, I have created a central place for all of us to collaborate and share our very best end of year or summer themed work!

My 2016 Summer Diary is a great resource you can download and print for your students to take home over summer vacation! The 64 page diary comes complete with a list of 41 educational ideas to keep kids busy over summer break and 1 dated page for every day of June and July 2016! Kids can draw a picture of something fun they have done that day and then write about it! The primary lined diary pages are best suited for preschool-1st grade students.

CLICK HERE  for your instant download!


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    1. You're very welcome! Thank you posting!

  2. I am LOVING all your linkies!!! Keep the momentum going and don't forget to check out other's linkies of interest! That is the point of a linky party after all!