The Weekly Linky: My Favorite FREE Product Contest!

May 27, 2016

This week I invite you to link-up your very best or most favorite FREE product. The product can be from your Teachers Pay Teachers store or exclusive to your blog. Doesn't matter! Please make sure you link-up one, and only one product, however. This time, we are downloading, leaving feedback and voting on each other's products! You will come back June 1-3 to cast your vote for your favorite product(s). Here is the best part, not only will we get downloads, feedback and possibly new followers but the winner (the product with the most votes at the end of this linky party) will be featured on one of next month's Weekly Linkies! Not only will the winning product and author receive top billing, they will also receive a button for their blog shown here to the left! You'll want to sign up for my email updates so you'll know if you are the winner! An email will go out on June 4th with the announcement. This is the only way to find out if you have won (I don't want to hog up the question area of your TPT stores or use them for any other reason than they were intended) so please, CLICK HERE and enter your email address to subscribe! The winner will also be announced on this website in another post. 
This link-up offers a ton of opportunities to get more traffic to our stores and blogs as well as helping us gain more feedback and possible followers. To ensure we are getting the most out of this link-up and to keep things fair, please review the rules of our linky parties here.

Posting to this linky party will close on June 1st and voting will begin! As soon as the link-up closes on June 1st, the party will go into voting mode and no other entries will be accepted. 

Here's How to Vote:

  1. Come back to this linky party between June 1-3
  2. View & Download any and all products of interest. They're FREE! So test 'em and try 'em!
  3. Leave feedback for every product you download! If the download was from Teachers Pay Teachers, rate the product for the seller and leave your feedback on their product page. If you love the product, click on the green star under their name to follow them! If the product is from a blog, leave a comment in the blog post. 
  4. Cast your vote for your favorite product(s) by clicking they grey heart in the top right corner of the thumbnail. The heart will turn red to show the vote. You can vote on up to 10 products so download away! Please remember to leave feedback for the seller even if you download more than 10 products. 
Please, please, please be sure to come back to this linky party between June 1st and June 3rd to cast your vote! Follow the linking and voting rules. We can't do this without you!


  1. Love this idea! Found it a few days late though. Are you planning on doing more of these?

    1. Absolutely! It's a great way to get some organic feedback on our products! I plan to host these types of link-ups at least once per month! You can sign up for our Linky Party email updates in the sidebar if you haven't already. You will receive a timely email each month that announces upcoming linky parties so you won't have to worry about missing one again!