Six Sticker Sets to Make Summer Learning Stick!

Jun 2, 2016
How do you make summer learning stick? With stickers! Get your kiddos interactively learning this summer with these six themed interactive sticker sets:

US Government

As we look forward to 4th of July, now is a great time to learn about the US Government and honor our history. Your kiddos could also be learning about the presidential election process for the first time this year, and this is a useful primer for questions that may come up.

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United States Geography


 Summer is a time for family visits, road trips, vacations and staycations. I love this set because we can point out where we've been, where we're going, and where friends and relatives are visiting from all while memorizing the US! It's also great little brain teaser for the entire family.

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World Geography

This set is a great way to get your little ones thinking outside of the sandbox! I like doing themed weeks where we focus on a geographic region of the world, then explore the region's culture (and foods!). The world map is a great jumping off point for math, too, for example: How many miles away is France? What is the distance between our house and the Statue of Liberty?

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Summertime also means more time outdoors. These are a great supplement to any camping, swimming, and hiking your family will do this season. If you're at the pool, you can discuss the difference between fresh water and the ocean habitats, and why each are important to our ecosystem.

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Solar System

Whether your little ones light up at the sound of shooting stars or Star Wars, our solar system can capture their imaginations! I love this sticker set for summer because we have clear nights to experience what we learn, and then recap the next day. This can also be combined with outdoor and nighttime safety learning by using the sun and north star to orient cardinal directions.

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Mini Sets!


There are also 6 different Mini Sets you can get for traveling and in the car, plane or train - from math to the solar system to time and money! These are a great addition to keep the little ones learning while you're on the go.

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Stock Up on Non-Sticker Summer Learning

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