Linky Parties: About

❤︎ What is a linky party? 

A collaborative powerhouse! A linky party is when a blog author (the host aka Me) invites you to share a link to your blog post or in this case, product related to the same topic or theme. Here, we do downloadable products for the classroom and occasionally, blog posts. There are usually simple rules added that those who post to the linky party are asked to follow. One example would be a link back to the host. This is common among most linky parties. The host is giving you the opportunity to gain exposure so linking back is a way of thanking the host - and it's the decent thing to do in the blogging community.

❤︎ About The Weekly Linky

The Weekly Linky is what we call the linky party I host on this blog every Friday. Each linky party has a theme in which you are only allowed to post links related to that theme. Suggestions are always welcome! If you are a member of our Facebook group, you have the opportunity to plan and prepare the products you'll post to a month's worth of linky parties! As the last two weeks of the month approach, next month's linky parties are announced! The Facebook group is the only place this information is shared. If you love linky parties and want to share your products in our's, you'll want to join! The current week's linky party also has a cozy little home on my sidebar so you can access it easily as new blog posts may be added.

There are a few very simple rules I ask you to follow when posting your link to our linky parties. 

I require a link back to my website. The purpose of our linky parties is to share amazing resources with colleagues. Therefore, I will not set this as a requirement in inlinkz. Doing so is somewhat of a hassle if you are linking up your Teachers Pay Teachers product. We are using the honor system. Please provide credit to on social media or in a blog post as a thank you for hosting the linky party for you. A SUPER simple way to do this is by clicking on the green social media icons at the bottom of the post to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. You can also grab my button at the bottom of this page for your blog! Whichever way you choose is cool with me! please remember that it is required if you link up and may have to be enforced if it is not being followed.

Your link to the party must be a direct link to either your product or blog post. In other words, you cannot just link your store or blog itself.

Please take some time to view other's links. If it's a product link from a Teachers Pay Teachers store, please follow a few stores of interest. If it's a blog post link, please drop them a line in their comments section and let them know how you found them. Please do not post a linky that does not fit the weeks topic or theme. These will be deleted.

If these rules are not followed, then this linky party is being taken advantage of and that's just not cool. I don't want to ban users or enforce the link back rule. I just want to collaborate and have fun!

That's enough of that, moving on... 

❤︎ Freebie Link-up Requirements

Occasionally, we will have Weekly Linkies that are dedicated to free products only. This is for a very specific reason. To help each other gain more feedback and ratings organically. If you post your product(s) to any linky party that is for free products only, you are asked to download at least one product of interest from another seller. After you download and test out their free product, please provide your feedback on their product page. Of course, you are encouraged to download as many products of interest as you want but as part of these link-ups, you are required to download at least one. Please leave feedback for every single product you download! Look, check out this sadness...

648 Downloads and only 8 ratings. This isn't even the worst I've seen. I've seen 1,000+ downloads and 4 ratings in other seller's stores. I know this is a common problem that arrises within the TPT community and I want to help! I understand a lot of downloads may be from non-sellers and just buyers but this is the best way I can think of to help each other out! Any other suggestions, please let me know. 

❤︎ How To Add Your Link

At the bottom of The Weekly Linky post you will see a little blue button like this:
Just click the button and follow the steps to upload your link to The Weekly Linky party. That's it! Please note, each linky party will run for 7 days. When the linky party expires, you will no longer be able to add your link. 


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